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Paolo Michetti

CommunicActions are my job. My good job.

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Francavilla al Mare – Italy

My Story

I was born in 1964 in Avezzano, in the Fucino plain, symbol of the fair, stubborn and proud peasant culture of Abruzzo.

I was a manager for twenty years, first in the Beretta Armi Group as director A.F.C. and staff and then in Il Sole 24 Ore, I am the director of A.F. and sales administration reorganizing the services as a result of the merger of the eight realities of the group. I become operational manager of the strategic business area Pirola and I follow projects of acquisition, transfer and the launch of many products, such as Guida Normativa, Guida al Diritto, Guida al Lavoro, Settimana Fiscale, Sanità, Agrisole, Via Libera software gestionali. As general manager of the Edagricole Calderini in Bologna, I am responsible for reorganizing and developing the business for agro-food information by coordinating books, periodicals and the advertising dealership divisions. Start the process of relaunching of historical newspapers and launching new products on the consumer market and in the trade fairs, with the international event Tecnohortus in collaboration with Padova Fair.

Since 2004, I’m a freelancer working in the field of organization, marketing and communication in the public and private sectors, in Italy and abroad (United States, engineering sector; Goulf Cooperation Council, publishing sector).

For the P.A., I was involved in managing major projects such as City Manager and for the policy of the elaboration of administrative programs, campaigns of electoral communication and coordination of secretarial in the Senate of the Republic.

In 2010, I published my first book dedicated to a great passion: food.


We all communicate!

We cannot help but express ourselves through nods, glances, movements and images. In every action, in every word, there is a definite meaning behind it. We are often so comfortable with our way of communicating that we assume that it is understood each and every time by those who are in front of us.

Communicating requires you to create a bridge between meanings. Without meaning there would be no communication and no meaning could ever move without communication.

The necessity to communicate has always induced man to identify forms and characteristics of manifesting his thought in step with the times. Thousands of years ago it was communicated by carving into stones. The difficulty and time consuming nature of this technique made it obligatory to conform to a simple symbol, in a common figure, of the meanings made whose problem was to have to be deciphered. Today we can get in touch with so many people quickly and easily, but if technology is indispensable and makes us communicate effectively in relation to the needs of our times, it certainly can’t help us in what is the real problem of communication: the metabolisation of the message. The ease of contact, the desire to appear, the presumption that it is easy for people to express themselves, has absorbed the main dimension of the concept of “communication” and too often has done so to the detriment of the quality of the content, the depth of the concepts and of meaning. Choosing what you say is the exclusive prerogative of those who provide the technology and it’s up to us to decide whether to use it for “transferring meanings” or “spreading phrases.” Perhaps the media channel has an effect, but often we are not aware of this or we consider it too insignificant.


I can help you with marketing and communication strategies, choices, organization, content. I work with experts to devise and build the best solution your reality needs.

The wealth of knowledge that everyone carries behind can guarantee the consensus and success of our actions, but knowledge is like a vegetable garden, it must be cured, watered, fertilizing with care and dedication so that it is always luxuriant and gives many good fruits. To do this it is indispensable to weave a solid network of relationships, keeping them and consolidating them in time so that they are always strategic resources.


We know what we can and want to do, but it’s not enough if we won’t show it to others. Increasing visibility and prestigious and get consensus from everyone are possible to get through communication. It is more efficient and performance as more it is coherent with the media communication.


Putting to the centre of the message the identity and the value at the right moment. The public consensus is essential for the first step and keep it high through a communication strategy in the long period that assure continuity.



Be in line with different structures of the various social networks, respecting the different guidelines and the specific language of these channels in an efficient way. Order to communicate in the best way you need to understand these differences, choosing the channels most suitable for your businesss and the target audience.


Putting to the centre of the message the products, structures and the results with the most opportune tools and actions. It is the real visibility that an initiative has as objective to create interests, report features, push to buy and get the loyalty from a specific target.


Studying the market and behaviors, planning and developing actions. Translated: Marketing is the activity for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers and clients. Marketing allows people to make economic choices compared to limited resources, maximizing the satisfaction of the individuals involved.


Reflect to determine the objectives and define the strategy to reach them in a given timeframe with the use of the appropriate resources. Transforming information into multi-year plans monitored through management control with period budget tools and reporting.


Create and be a team, adapt and exploit resources through models and operational tools that you have or redesign to achieve the goal. Taken individually each finger of the hand can easily be broken, but if you tighten along with the others becomes a fist that can unleash strength and power.


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